The J-thing (jemauvais) wrote,
The J-thing

I must stop neglecting my LJ

In Auckland now.  It was really fun meeting up with Jaq again, after so many years. I hope I managed to sufficiently entertain her and her bf (and that I didn't terrify him too much, haha!)

Body clock is totally whacked now.  When I came here I was still on DEL time, now I seem to have acclimatised to AKL time.  Strange, since we're supposed to have more difficulty changing from West to East.  Oh well, we'll see what happens when I get back to SIN....

Supposed to have blogged about my CCTS, my first nightstop, and more importantly, the new gf. ;)  But been just so busy lately!  So looks like FB will have to fill in the blanks (and even that, I'm behind).  Totally enjoying the nightstopping life so far.  MEL, SYD, PEK, DEL, now AKL.  Where will I go next?  Hmmmm....

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