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Ladies, if you have big boobs, you might want to read on

Fill My Cups with DCUP (Australia)
Big girls most definitely won’t cry

DCUP (Australia)
Tyler Made (USA)
Sat, 16th Jan 2010
9pm – Late

This One’s For The Ladies

Step right up to the Boobie Booth and flaunt what you’ve got, we don't care if they're bite-sized or swollen, droopy or perky, silicone or saline, papayas or even raisins – everyone's a winner. But trust us, big girls most definitely won’t cry.

A Cups – 1 Free Drink
B Cups – 2 Free Drinks
C Cups – 3 Free Drinks

* Claim your coupons from 9pm - 11pm
* Drinks by Belvedere
* Female members of The Lo & Behold Group get DOUBLE the number of drinks

DCUP (Australia)

The next big thing to come from Down Under and the latest signee to Ajax’ record label, Sweat it Out, Dcup has already drawn comparisons with Treasure Fingers, Miami Horror and Shazam, from influential names in the industry. Doling out funk-fuelled disco for right now, he joins Sweat it Out’s cutting edge roster which includes Gameboy/Gamegirl, Act Yo Age, KillaQueenz, Yolanda Be Cool, and Pablo Calamari. Already climbing the ropes, his music combines keyboards, old drum machines, and records from the 80s, as well as his own special touch. Already being played on the national party circuit, his remixes have also been picked internationally in the UK, Europe and Asia.

No I won't be there, but I'm curious to know:

1) How many women are actually going to step up to the Boobie Booth.
2) How they are going to determine the cup size (like are they going to do it arbitrarily?  Or just check labels?  Or have those Triumph or Wacoal sales people around to do private fittings?).
3) What size is the "bottle of vodka" for the D Cups (notice they didn't say anything about mixers).

But most importantly, I'm waiting to see if some disgruntled feminist will lodge a complaint about this, like the Muttons FHM Braless Day thing...!

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