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Flying Without Wings: Army Spelling

A couple of days ago, I told lolitapop about this story of an email I received in the office from HQ BMTC to G1-Army and associated agencies, talking about the impending shift of women's BMT from SAFTI to BMTC on The Island.  As I read the email, I reached this line:
" requested to inform us of the expected number of trainees so that we can cater the appropriate number of instructress/female champron [sic]..."
I instinctively blurted out: "What the hell is a 'champron'?!"

Turns out the word he was desperately seeking was 'chaperone'.  Geez!

But of course this is merely the tip of the iceberg.  Following on my related entry on Army Diction, on the category of uniforms and accessories alone, we of course remember such memorable manglings as "gutters" [garters], "ampulets" [epaulettes], "fullpack" [fieldpack] and "berry" [beret].  I'm sure there must be more.  Do share!

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